Rackets Demo Service

Due to the current Covid 19 Guidelines, we are currently not running a racket demo service.

In the interest of health and safety of all, every demo racket is thoroughly sanitized and wrapped with a brand new over grip before trial. We strongly encourage doubling the effort by disinfectingthe handle a second time prior to personal use.

How does it work?

How much does it cost?

We charge £20 per racket if you are testing onsite. This will be refunded once the racquet is returned in the same condition as received, and if you decide to purchase a racket from us. If you are not buying a racket then our fees are £20 per racket.

Test the rackets with your stringing preference. If you want to test the rackets with your favorite stringing set up, we are happy to string your racket for a service charge of £10.00 per racket (string not included).For more information, please contact our store.